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Incorporating Southwest Upholstery Fabrics Into New And Used Furniture

southwest upholstery fabrics
southwest style upholstery fabrics

It is not surprising for many people to choose the Santa Fe style southwestern architecture and interiors like décor and lighting into their modern lifestyle because of the warm ambiance they showered to their meticulously planned and stylish places of abode. These places are their shelter during times of peace and chaos so it is just proper that these homes deserve no other caring except the one with their own personal touch, from the table to the table runners and wall hangings.

Depending on the home owner’s tastes, there are a lot of ways to lift up the moods of any home. If she is into replicating the original Santa Fe style interiors from the old western times, she can do a lot of easy and affordable things with smart combination of color and shapes depicting a true Southwest American culture. There are easy to find furnishings at home interior stores for pieces like southwest fabrics, pillows, ancient Santa Fe style, wall hangings, table runners and others along that line.

Incorporating southwest themed upholstery fabrics into new and used furniture helps reinvent a fusion of two artistic approaches to home design. First is the collaboration of this ancient art being able to blend with the general architecture and functional design of the present home construction technology. Second is the economic beauty of being able to reborn an otherwise obsolete piece of furniture into a highly valued antique but usefully updated articles for the house. Some of the most popular southwestern fabrics chosen as great for upholstery are from a wide variety of chenille, jacquards and tapestries in great Southwest and Western themed designs. But do not confine your chosen southwest fabrics for upholstery because they also work wonders for beddings, table runners, pillow and draperies that add fervor to the flavor of your home décor.

Commonly seen in Southwestern Arizona accessories are artifacts, ceramics, religious pieces, wall hangings, and colorful painted tiles. To produce the same effect using new materials, there are pillow cases which are made of fabrics with southwestern patterns echoing the Native American Indian Art and Santa Fe style.

The original floors, Santa Fe style during the olden times were mostly out of packed mud. This style of architectural composition is reflected in the modern house construction with the use of hard flooring surfaces like tiles, bricks, and wood, with light carpeting. So, even if your home is miles away from the birthplace of southwest culture, you can still have yourself surrounded with great pieces of Santa Fe style or even Arizona characteristics using earth tone colors and neutral browns with clay red, turquoise, and green.

It is best to match the Arizona-inspired draperies that you have chosen with side table lighting or floor lamps décor that are perfect for recreating an authentic southwestern atmosphere right at the comfort of your home.

For some fixtures that are cast in iron, better pick some hand crafted décor from the exclusive range of New Mexican southwest iron furniture like bar and counter stools, dining, bistro, sofa and end tables, mirror frames and candle holders. In order for these metal furniture not to go out of sync with your other southwest pieces like your table runners, wall hangings and Southwest lighting, top each one with a cushion pillow in southwest fabrics to get that perfect Arizona-inspired theme that you want to maintain across your entire home interiors.