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Earth Colors & Southwest Lamps. Bring That Rustic Look to Your Home

Great Southwest Style Lamps
Great Southwest Style Lamps

Going to a lakeside summer home maybe one of your favorite things to do when you were small. You remember those rustic pieces of wall decors, and wooden furniture around.

Shades of browns, corals and other earth colors are splattered all over the place as you warm yourself by the fireplace. It feels and it looks cozy and warm, always welcoming anyone who comes in the door – that maybe the best description of your memories when you hear the word Southwest style.

From Southwest lamps to wall decors and rugs, it’s something that evokes a certain feeling of hominess and warmth inside you. That is one of the reasons why most people want to incorporate Southwest style in their households.

Not only does it give the home a homey feeling, but obviously, it also holds a charm of its own. From a mixture of Mexican, Euro-Spanish, and American Indian with a touch of Wild West, it is a very characteristic style that almost everybody can recognize.

It mixes together the shades of browns, corals and blues, with touches of greens and reds from cactus and their flowers. Pieces of deities and other Native American pictures and decorations give it a distinct look, and stringed chili arrangements show a strong Mexican influence as well.

Southwest lamps, both table and floor, wall sconces, and ceiling lights can also be added for a more rustic feeling. And who can forget Kokopelli, that trickster fertility deity?

Southwestern style may have come from the southwest region of the US, but it isn’t confined there. A number of people have been decorating their homes with distinct Southwest pieces of furniture and other decors all over the country, which is probably why there are a lot of shops carrying Southwest style furniture and decorations. You can find them both in a store near you or in an online store like ours.

For those people who want to achieve a Southwest look in your homes, here are some easy tips to get you started.

  • Grab anything connected to nature – okay, maybe not exactly everything, but little potteries and pebbles with some plants can be a great addition inside your home. Cactus with flowers will also give you that rustic feel.
  • If you don’t have wooden panels, then you can simply use brown or coral curtains. It will definitely help in creating a rustic ambiance around your home, as well as dim-lighting.
  • Try using colorful hand-woven rugs as wall coverings. You can also throw quilts on your sofas and chairs, and put table runners with earth shades on tables
  • Give your bed a makeover. Put on brown and orange bed sheets and a nice Southwest lamp by the bedside.

These are just some simple tips to give your home that rustic feeling of being in a cozy log cabin. Of course, everything is still up to you.

Learn to experiment and mix these elements together so you can achieve your dream rustic & cozy Southwestern style interiors.

AH-6182 Indian Marigold Southwest Table Lamp
AH-6182 Indian Marigold Southwest Table Lamp

Southwest Style Lighting Tips

Depending where you live, you may not be able to enjoy the great Southwestern outdoors all year round. Even so, choosing the right table lamps can help you bring a taste of the Great Southwest Style inside your home.

The desert look is definitely “in” when shopping for Southwest table or floor lamps. Consider designs featuring aspects of Southwestern culture, textures and colors, such as terracotta, browns, Petroglyph details, Native American designs including depictions of the traditional Kokopelli in Southwestern lamps.

Don’t forget Southwest lamps with warm earthy tones of the Southwest or other natural materials.

Southwest Lamps and Style: Get the Look in Your Home
Great Southwest Style, Great Southwest Lamps